U.S Army
Gi with gun
Gi wounded
Mine clearance expert
Gi runs
Gi in the fight
Machine gun
Gi crawls
Gi fires slept
Gi slept machine gun

This series of figurines is certainly one of the very first offered by Procter and Gamble France. Because we find with three logos of the French this series of GI in battle dress of the Second World War.

13 figurines of flexible semi plastic 54 mm are known to this day. With relief molded engraving of logos or sometimes engraved(burnt) under heat hollow.
Dice 1955 most probably in the dark or green sand-colored packages of Tide, color with engraved PGF.SA, then green or khaki with Bonus from 1958 till 1960 and to finish, from 1960, drab olive with the label Bonux

These figurines are present in packages of washing powder Firstly and so engraved Dya (brand of coffee and chicory).

The rarest figurines are GI up firing in the rifle,charging with a PM, the mine clearance expert, the only one found with engraving Dya and also for the pomegranate tree the only one found with engraving Bonus in hollow.