94/61 Elephant
92/61 Lion
96/61 Hippopotamus
97/61 Giraffe
102/61 Baboon
104/61 Hyena
103/61 Crocodile
95/61 Rhino
93/61 Lioness
101/61 Buffalo
100/61 Leopard
98/61 Cheetah
111/61 Warthog
105/61 Eland
110/61 Wildebeest
109/61 Sable antelope
106/61 Gemsbok
99/61 Zebra
108/61 Impala
107/61 Kudu
31/61 Springbok
Bonus figure for this series
This first series of 1961 consists of 20 animals and 1 bonus. Coca-Cola will take out these magnificent figures in South Africa. On advertisements, a text suggests participating in the animal protection of this country.
They measure between 25 and 35 mm and the color can vary of the white in the beige.
"Drink Coca-cola" is engraved on one of the sides of the base and the number compound of 5 numbers is engraved on other side. The engraving and the details are impressives ! This series is obviously very rare seen the country of origin.
Series 1
Thanks to
Helmut Bitsch
Animals of South Africa