The Riders

Advertising series in half-round works, consisted of 24 pedestrians of 45mm and 10 riders. Seven marks are going to use these figures (at least the pedestrians): Cafés Martel, RD, "L' Idéal", Familistère, the "Café Corsaire" J.A (wines and coffee) and in ......... "Le Comptoir Français". Le Comptoir français without fault !

Indeed, they do not result from " Les Comptoirs Français". On one hand the engraving under the base does not possess of S and on the other hand, Mr. Michel Closquinet, of the Association of the friends of Les Comptoirs Français, confirmed me that this series was unknown them even after check of their file.

"Le Comptoir Français de l'azote" (sale of products for the garden) seems the most likely track, while waiting for confirmation of course.

10 riders exist in the same colors. Numerous figures without brand were taken back by diverse small firms.

The French armies
in the days of old
The Gold and silver series
of Familistère, Martel and L'idéal
24 pedestrians

White series of Comptoir Français and Café RD
Si l'on croit l'affiche, il est possible d'attribuer au moins les versions grises sans marque au café Mexciq.