le Maire
Le Père Heni
Commissaire Pélican
Monsieur Marée basse
Dame Chante-faux
Monsieur Balourd
Seigneur Lion
Maitre Hibou
Le Père Lourdeau
Dame Lapine
Madame Dino'Ho'Zores
Le vieux Père
Les 6 frères Clownistes (dans l'ordre)
Jojo le malin
Monsieur Souris
Madame Guenon
Monsieur Phoque
Madame la Chefesse
Madame Marée basse
Sieur Lapin
Tire Bouchon
Grande Trompe
Monsieur Dino'Ho'Zores

This mythical series of the 70s consists of 31 characters. The material is a kind of plastic exfoliate. They were offered in small bags for a height or some oil and other products but most of the time, in the 50th ask for children to stop at Esso!

The village to be taken up cardboard ( see picture), was also available in these service stations. All the characters are referenced in the back there.

Note that it is necessarily necessary to avoid grouping them in the same box, at the risk of you find with 31 of the glup welded between them.

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This famous series also exists with the brand Huilor. As we can notice it by these 2 small monkeys, the latter contains the same number of colors as the series of origin.
Thanks to Naty S. for this invaluable information and for his pictures.