442/61 Marabou
Birds of South Africa
435/61 Indwe
436/61 Pink flamingo
439/61 Ostrich
433/61 Hornbills
440/61 Kori Bustard
437/61 Vulture
441/61 Osprey
443/61 Oystercatcher
438/61 Fowl of Numidia
326/62 Bustard of Africa
432/61 Ombretta
This series of 1961, presents 12 birds of South Africa. The money being of use to the same cause as the previous series. As we see it on picture opposite, Fanta is engravedon a side of the base and the number in contrast.
It will be distributed only in South Africa
This time still the sharpness is remarkable. It is easy to find the name of these birds by means of books or of Internet, so much the resemblances are striking.
To be painted... sure.
Thanks to Helmut Bitsch for his pictures
Website: www.margarinefiguren.de