These two statuettes in régule of Martine Carol seem identical but...

Without being 100 % sure that it is counterfeited, there are clues feeding the doubt. On the market, there are the versions having a weigh of about 80grs less than originals. That makes a huge difference. The manufacturing of these figurines consists in filling a mould with a material, so we can assume there would be some lack on the result and it is not the case.

On the other hand, in a mould made of elastomer, taken from an original figurine, of the shape of the statuette, an injection of the same material would explain this difference.

Régules are a simple alloy of tin and lead. For a person aware on the subject, easy as pie. Besides, being aware of the price of these "statuettes d'art" as named them Mokalux, it would be necessary to be very careful...

Finally, 3 Martine Carol were weighed. Only 2 have an identical weight, the heaviest. Same test on Cohen: the same result.

To avoid counterfeited figurines, on the board below, which will be completed as soon as possible, you can see the weight of each real régule (approximately).

The Experts at Mokalux ...
Martine Carol 300 grs
Max cohen 280 grs
Gilbert Bécaud 300 grs
Eddie Constantine 389 grs
Michèle Morgan 415 grs
Jean Marais 300 grs
Jean-Claude Pascal 407 grs
Luis Mariano 330 grs
Yves Montand 370 grs
Yvette Chauviré 339 grs
Georges Brassens 350 grs
Edith Piaf  
Maurice Chevalier  
Here, two Martine Carol. That of the left weighs 28 % less than that of the right