Batman 1
Batman 2
Jonathan Crane
The bowl for cereal
"Batmobile "
Zoom of the spoon
French box
Brazilian version where 2 assembled boxes reconstituted the hero
In the Brazilian boxes 4 launch records were offered besides the characters
According to the country where you live, the style of present in the boxes of Chocapic was not identical. France has the right to 3 characters, Spain to 4 characters + a box with cereal in Batmobile and Brazil it was all + 4 launch-record of Batman.
By pressing on figurines they could fight and offer you so the fight of the century.... The size of the characters is due fashionably of this period, " Bubbles head " with a big head and one a small body.
Two Batman differ by their belt. The series is entitled: the legions of Gotham.