Adler - 1835
Lord of the Isles - 1851
General - 1865
Reno - 1872
J.W. Bowker - 1875
DB 89 1315 - 1878
99 "Shifting Locomotive" - 1899
030 TA Ouest - 1905
These 8 legendary locomotives were produced by Nestlé at the beginning of the 70s. They measure between 11 and 15 cms long on 5 cms in height and are hard plastic. They were made according to the advice of the magazine "Loco revue".
Concerning the assembly, it countered excessively simple. Yet, you are not at the end of your surprises!Indeed, we find curieursement these locomotives on sale, not taken up or still on bag and it is for nothing.... To make a success of one, I recommend you on one hand to stick parts and to sharpen the sensible teeth go into their place respective. The latter are all too wide and sometimes even too long, opposite holes are sometimes absent, you add to it the time which returned the even more fragile plastic and you know then raging "Nervous Breakdown".
Thus, you can try the operation if you take your time otherwise make it by friend Boudhiste! disadvises strongly the coffee during all the duration of the assembly..
We found these locomotives in boxes under economic size of Nestlé, Ricoré and Nesquik