Our young collectors of about 30 years, direct descendants of the big kids of the last century, begin to know this drive to put in the front window the bonuses of their childhood.

In France, in Europe and of course in the USA, it's especially Nestlé who will start an avalanche of figures Disney due to an almost exclusive contract. At the moment, it's less and less evident to find these whole series and especially in good condition.

The first date 20 years already that the ancient remember whether it's a time when Mokarex, Starlux, etc. were looked by scornfully, because the only real figures necessarily had to be of lead !

Concerning Disney, it's necessary to know that full-length pictures were visible only in the cinema and when the tapes, then DVD had the authorization to rent, then to sell these movies and when in 1992, Eurodisney opens its doors, Nestlé innonde the market of bonuses, in cereal, chocolate bars, Smarties, and the Magic balls.

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