16 figurines of 45mm, taken out in 1969 for the bicentenary of the birth of the emperor. Bases are independent. Nestlé is engraved on one of side. The manufacturing is from Macao. A display stand was sent against 11 francs. Huilor and Kinder is going to republish the series. The reason of a detachable base is a very economic means to propose figures in the other marks by modifying only the base.

The short history: Ricoré chooses the 1st empire because the emperor will impose, during the Continental blockade of 1806, the chicory culture. Biennial plant and which will be put in the honor. Napoleon is thus the friendly first one Ricoré...

Tambour de fusiliers 1807
1st Officer d'ordonnance
Grenadier Impérial
Cornet de voltigeurs
Cie d' Elite de Hussard
Pupille Garde Impériale
Train d'artillerie
Cuirassier 1812
Lancier Garde Impériale
Carabinier Inf. Légère
S/officier carabinier
Chef Etat Major de division
Aide de camp
The box including figures. It is in fact the lid, plastic flexible that remains difficult to find intact