The little red riding hood
The little red riding hood
The hunter
The Grandmother
The wolf
The Rabbit hunter of butterflies
Wild boar

A very curious series!

On one hand, 11 announced figures and 7 edited. On the other hand, the series begins well, The red chaperon, the hunter and the Grandmother. Then it's getting more complex. We find a wolf style bandit and armed. Then a rabbit, a squirrel and a wild boar. By looking in the complete text and in the versions of Grimm and Perrault none draws of these characters.
It is maybe the reason of the stop of this series or it was the cocktail hour for the creator of the blotting paper.

Nevertheless adorable seven figurines of 30mm of a big fragility. "P√Ętes Supralta" is engraved under every base. They exist in white, silver, gilt, red, pink, green and yellow.
Thanks to Helmut Bitsch for his pictures