This series consisted of 52 references is very controverted. On one side we have Jean-Claude Piffret's book which presents a part of this series to the page 242. But we notice a misprint error. Indeed both pictures of this page represent the same references but with 2 different names: Montoux and Brésilia. Note that there are two sizes for this series.
We find too, always in this book on the page 233, ten trees and plant under the brand Scarpia.
In fact, the origin is German as indicates it the word engraved on the part n°1. As it was of custom in this time, a factory made these series then proposed them to the diverse companies for the products, where from the partial acquisition by Scarpia, Montoux and Brésilia, situated in the North of France and all three are brands of coffees. It still a magnificent series, which we can classify in the 50s.