This company dates 1929. Famous for " Prosper King of the gingerbread " and Captain Choc, the brand will be resold last time in READ in 1999 and will be associated with his product: Pépito.
Today the brand is always visible on certain cakes but with just one "M".
Starlux of 1954 - Round base
Starlux version of 1978 - Rectangular base

Do not look for the 12th figures, it does not exist. Indeed this series includes only 11 figures, strictly identical to Starlux but with the brand " Vandamme " engraved under the base.

The account is good: in 1954, Starlux takesout well 12 "Privateers" to round base. It disappear from the catalog in 1968 / 1969.

They're back in 1978, but under the name of "Pirates" and bases are rectangular. The references 264 and 266 disappeared. But Robinson Crusoë (who will not wear this name to avoid royalties) is added.
11 are thus very there and Vandamme will take them in this period.

Here is thus a very popular series. There're blue and red versions. It's also the opportunity of credit note of Starlux without paint.

The Pirates