The Margarine Arcy dates from 1955. It is "the emblem of the Alsatian jewish cooking". The reason is simple: this margarine is "kosher". (see here). This company still exists nowadays.

Concerning the "great circus", do not look anymore for figurines, they do not exist. On the other hand, the blotting paper announcing this event is real!

When you were sending 10 Arcy voucher, you you were then receiveing an envelope (here) with the explanations of assembly (here) in the back.

Inside were inserted one or several cardboard boards, including objects and pre-cut characters, the whole to be assembled, to stick, but also with a system of elastics. Each envelope was numbered from 1 to 10 and you can discover in preview some of these boards by clicking the button below.
What this Circus ?
The Circus Arcy assembled