Team of France 1958

Team of Bresilia 1958

For purists and painters

This series from 1958 includes 22 players and 2 goals (no news about a possible ball!)
It was launched to go with an event: the WorldCup in Sweden that happened the same year, where France played the semifinals against Brazil.
There are five really different players existing. The others only have a slightly different attitude (wether it was done on purpose or not) after removal from the mould.
Each player has a number in its back.
Be careful ! It is indicated on the blotting paper, this series was not "to replay" the semifinals (for that matter France actually lost it), the aim was to paint "the team of the club of your choice".
They will also go out in 1963, under the name of "Shoot". The red and white plastic teams are identical but without number engraved on the back of the players and replaced by stickers.
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Advertisements in Spirou of 10th Octobre 1963
The goals