The Carambar ! The most faithful friend of dentists. Today they are bigger but softer, remember yourselves old, in the toffy. The one that we clamped inarticulately before twisting it until the break! Then it is with this bar twisted in the mouth, that we took back the paper, to read the famous joke!

Carambar was created in 1954 in France to Marcq-en-Baroeuil. The short history wants that its creation comes from an error during the production of Mints. At first the name was Caram' bar (for toffy in bar) and it is in 1977 when the apostrophe was deleted.

These charming figurines date 1998, a date of the resumption of this product by Cadbury. Today it is Kraftfoods who is the owner.

What is the heights of the height ?
It is because a mute says to a deaf person that a blind person observes them