Asian Mythology
We call these characters, Buddha cheerful persons. They are figures lucky charm, recognizable in an object or in a very precise physical detail.
The brand is engraved behind and at the bottom of every character but in very small and sometimes erased. Damart has shadows more worn than those from Jacquet and that to the latter the series consists of 7 figures.
Both furthermore, also represent the work and the longevity, but the producer maybe wished to mix Japanese and Chinese, which are appreciably different according to the legends.
They will go out all in the 70s.
We find many unmarked Buddha
In the same lineage, the wool Bergère de France and the Cognac Bisquit will bring out also 4 other cheerful Buddha.
They are totally different. Whites on one hand and much more imposing.
The brands are also engraved in the back and at the bottom of the characters.