The sailors

We know that there are at least 2 versions of this series. The only one whom we can identify this day is the version of the brand " Demeere ", engraved on one of the legs of the characters.
These sailors measure approximately 50mm but a much smaller version is known.

When we look closely at these figurines, the Demeere version is constituted by a plastic less brilliant and less stiff than that unmarked.

Demeere is a French brand of condiments of which its famous mustard that we found on sausages "Fricadelles" in the North department, these last ones remaining one of the biggest mystery of the French cooking.....

The characters placed in the extremes of the pyramid possess of a bar under one of their foot
The hollow in the back can serve to fit the pompom of the beret or there was maybe a support to fix them and make hold the pyramid.
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