The Dolls
100 Dolls
German version
produced by Küster
The record of the American rock band " Belly "
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La boîte de 100 figurines que l'on recevait contre 1$ ou 5$ selon l'époque en 1968
If these two series are combined, it is because they were her also when you received your order. They date 1968 and are American. They're offered for 1 dollar (then $5) by the company 100 Dolls, based in New-Jersey. We found order forms in certain Comics Books. You received then a small grey box with 100 small figurines inside, with obviously double and triple.
The Americans remain very nostalgic of these two series. They've no relationship with the folklore, the commercial was the enjoyment, the party, the disguise, the children, so...the happiness.

The series of the children is 25mm and that of the dancers 35mm.

The Küster firm in Germany is going to to take back the series of the dancers but in white and necessarily in a more restricted distribution and thus very popular nowadays. Anecdotally the American rock band " Belly " will use the dancers for the cover of their record in 1993.

The dancers will be taken back by Küster, Heudebert and Schipka.

Advertisements enumerate partially the series by insisting on the quality of the material to reassure the parents and propose even a refund.