We often hear about figurines called "Dunkin", but we may look on the characters, this brand does not appear.
On the base, Dunkin was a Spanish brand of Chewing gum. Figurines, of type monochrome and multicolored, were made and distributed by tierces Companies which inserted a leading chewing gum Dunkin into every bag.

Follows then a commercial phenomenon which, at the time, is not going to take into account the brand of the figurine but that of the candy which accompanies it. Then it is going to extend in all the monochrome advertising figurines. The biggest producers of Dunkin will be especially Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

Concerning their value, there is a market compound of totally prohibitive amounts. It is not rare to see an any figurine in 40€ or 80€. Except for some parts, as in any collections, there are rarities even untraceable, but it is far from being case for all.
Furthermore, some take advantage of it to sell toys of mess, often monochrome, by making them be thought of as Dunkin. Indeed, the fact of not knowing the origins of most of these figurines by the lack of advertising documents, led some to say to himself that we shall not make the difference. Thus distrust...

Finally, that what we define in Europe of " series pirates ", as Tintin de Stenval of Colombia, Astérix or Lucky Luke, etc. are by way of real versions "South American" and very often more older than the European. You go to be surprised with certain series as you considered credit note complete.

What's the Dunkin ?