Crib and Santons
Here they are at last in full these famous Christmas crib figures from Fina. They are among 24 divided in two series and in the scale 1/32 (54mm). They date 1971 and of 1972 as indicates it an advertising in a "Journal deTintin".
Contrary to the other brands, they are real Christmas crib figures in clay, created by Claude Carbonel (Santonnier Master). They were packaged in small plastic bags surrounding a small cardboard, with the name of the character in French and in Proven├žal language.
We note that the Marie and the child Jesus are identical in both series.
There is a crib to cut as indicates it the announcement below but no images for the moment.
Obviously who says Christmas crib figures, says paint ! You can you give wholeheartedly and to display a panel of exceptional colors. If the putting in paint of Christmas crib figures is not of the most difficult, she asks for an imagination without limit both the color level and the addition of objects for such the knitting machine (See photo below), to whom it's better to add needles, if you do not want to risk that the baby Jesus catches a cold.....
The bag
The tricotteuse
in the rough