" 7 Swabians ", is a tale of Grimm. For information, the Swabian is a German region near Bavaria.
The narrative of this story, evokes the trips of a band of 7 characters armed with a long spade, so cowardly and ridiculous some the others. Having to avoid couragement a bumblebee, our accomplices meet to confront with a hare. This last one sleeps then gets up upon the arrival of our heroes, who will not miss to run away in any legs!

This series includes 9 references. It remains rather expensive, because it is current to find it whole.
Four colors are known: white, red, green and blue.

G├╝nzburger is a brand of German chicory.

7 characters are called: Mister Schulz (the bravest and always in front of), Jackli, Marli, Jergli, Michel, Jeannot and Veitli ( the most fearful )
Seven Swabians