1 - Duke of Aymon
2 - Duchess of Aymon
3 - Bramarande
4 - Miss Claire
5 - Charlemagne
6 - The messenger
7 - King Yon
8 - Trumpet
9 - Flag 1
10 - Flag 2
11 - Banner 1
12 - Banner 2
13 - 4 sons Aymon
14 - Crossbowman
15 - Halberdier
16 - Royal Eagle
17 - Bayard
18 - Maugis
19 - Drumer
20 - Duke Régnier
The 4 sons Aymon

Henri Lefebvre

He was "the Indiana Jones" of the figurine in France !
Indeed, he found the untraceable and even more the unknown. If you wanted to finish a series, you should talk to him.
Like this series of 4 Aymon sons of great rarity or this fabulous series of English busts and many others where only one or two pieces were missing.

Thank you Henri

Series of 20 figurines in half-round works, about 30 mm for the pedestrians. Heudebert is engraved on the base, as well as a number. Exists in 3 colors: off-white, red and black.

This series tells the legend of 4 Aymon sons, from the Epics (medieval period). Shortly, a fairy endows 4 Aymon sons with an exceptional and very big horse. Jealous Charlemagne tries by any means to steal them.
The legend is originally French, in the Ardennes, but was distributed quite widely in Belgium, Germany and Italy.
A comic strip exists in the "Journal de Tintin", appeared in 1946.
A curiosity: the part N°18. Why is it small? This character is an enchanter, it is likely that he is then represented like some kind of goblin according to the existing versions.