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This series which seemed very thin at first, became grand.
At first, these figurines are American, it is the brand of the toys Lido that produces them in 1952. These characters arise from a television series " Captain Video " of 1951 and from a BD of the same name.
In 1953, it is cereal Raisin Bran that are going to propose 12 of the diverse colors except the gilt and the silvery.
Afterward, figurines, but also vehicles Lido, are going to cross the Atlantic Ocean to be distributed in Spain and in France. But Captain Video is totally unknown in Europe, that is why Spain will take out them under the name " The patrol of Saturn " by the brand Reama plasticos and France will propose them as " Martians against Countrymen " via cheeses La Tour, Le Hommeel and Le Basilique ( See the blotting paper).
We also find there in Argentina under the brand Trovador. Except for for this last country (subject to discovering it others), figurines are plastic hard. Most are in the 45mm but it exists of smaller there.
For Heudebert, it is certainly about a suite, because we find certain figurines, as references it H-7. They are engraved Heudebert under bases. Warning ... These models are maybe German Heudebert.
For the moment nothing indicates that the coming characters Camembert cheeses possess a base or not.
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Thanks to Helmut Bitsch his precious help