Dessert and apéritif ...
The name of M.Oetker's Company dates 1919 and his first factory of 1931. At first specialized in the yeast and the gelatin, the brand will produce from 1973 sticks and Pretzel of Alsace.

It is at the time of the desserts, in the years 50/60, that Ancel produces two series of figures: the farm and the Safari. To decorate this production, two sorts of frames which can fit between them, are proposed to insert a pair of figurines there.

There is also one series of 4 characters of the adventures of Astérix but without big interest for the advertising domain. It is indeed only about 4 famous figurines of Bully with subscriber in black "Ancel" without being even burnt, what produces furthermore, these figurines too easily falsifiables.
The Farm
Panoramix of Bully, taken back by Ancel