Dream in box ...
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A package of washing "go look for me!" The unique service was which was executed within 10 seconds, by taking care of verifying if our brothers and sisters do not follow us ...

This famous present locked into its plastic bag which felt well the washing, a date of 1958. A whole site would be necessary to list all the offered toys.
But in passionate heart nothing impossible ...

Bonux, which as Mokarex, became the name of a collection leading to forget that of the product, be a member of big operations of the XXth century, as that of Citroën who was the first one to write his name in letters bright on the Eiffel Tower.

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Bonus ? Bonux ?
The history of the mark begins in 1955 with the mark P&G France in Marseille with the launch of TIDE the first washing with marked presents PGF.SA.
Will follow BONUS from 1958 till 1960 and finally BONUX from 1960.
Formule 1 - 50's
Formule 1 - 70's
US Army
Middle age 1
Middle age 2
Middle age 3