Emile Bridel is the Breton creator of this brand. Opposite, the photo of the first factory left as is. Bridélix is of course the "Gallic" version of the creator. Paradoxically, in 1968, the company tried with a subsidiary to diversify in slaughtering cattles... But it came back to dairy products with Lanquetot dairies.

This series of 1999 includes 10 characters. The 3 following Roman were produced by Bridélix in 2000. The Chocolate Jacquot took Dogmatix out in 2005. Bridélix also took out a calendar and various objects about the comic (see here). We could also get the tray representing the Gallic village. On each figurine is engraved, on the cape, the chausses or the belt: on 1999 GOSCINY-UDERZO PLASTOY CHINA. C.E.

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