"Le Café Martin" is a brand of the 50s. As Mokalux and "La Maison du Café", brand will be acquired by " Au planteur de Caïffa " in 1962. It's nevertheless going to leave us two series of size: " the life in the open air " and "Sports ". The first one, dating 1956, stages the scouting as well as the camping. The second date, her, of 1958 and proposes a wide sports panel.

These two series are very fragile from part their sharpness and of their color. Indeed, as all the golden coloured series or the bronze, it's frequent to notice tracks of wears on figurines. It is often due to the friction of parts as time goes by or their bad packaging.

We shall note however, for the painters of figures, that these wears have no impacts after the stake in paint.

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