This company was created by Mr. and Mrs Michel Cahen in 1890. At the time, displacements, especially to provinces, were not current. So they organised distribution among various small villages, farms, etc. with an hawking system. They even developped loyalty among consumers with a voucher system which, once every voucher stuck on the pad, allowed to get presents.

It is the first company of coffee in France. In 1962, it acquired the Café Mokalux, les Cafés Martin as well as La Maison du Café. Which explains the initials MC Caiffa on the series Thierry la Fronde. Later, it kept the name "La Maison du Café", more effective on sales.

Caiffa produced 3 series: a crib and a circus from the "Planteur du Caïffa" time, and then the famous series Thierry la Fronde which remains, with Mokarex, the most appreciated series by the collectors.

Token Caiffa
The Crib
The Circus