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The story of Coca-Cola begins in 1886 in North America. It appear in France in 1919. We do not present any more this immense brand selling 1,7 billion bottles every day...
The famous bottle will be born in 1960, one year before the release of these magnificent series of wild animals of South Africa. Afterward, figures to Coca-Cola did not become a marketing tool.

The series of the birds of South Africa was created produced under the brand Fanta. This label belongs to the group Coca-Cola. Fanta comes from German " Fantasiegetränk ", what means " Drink of the imagination ".
This series also dates 1961.

First, Final Fantasy is a Japanese game of console famous extremely in the Manga style and dating 1986. Three series presented here date from 1999 till 2001. They bring out on the occasion of the release of cartoon movies little like Starwars episodes VII, VIII, X etc.... These characters are very sought by the collectors of figurines or objects Coca-Cola. It is a total of 104 magnificent and very original characters.
Final Fantasy 1
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