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Cracker Jack exist since 1893. It is the Americans Frederick William Rueckheim and his brother Louis that will aunch this product made by Pop Corn, by molasses and by peanuts.
But toys offered in these bags do not stop in figures. It would moreover be simpler to enumerate what was not produced that the opposite. The most known collections are the images on the baseball, followed by a multitude of small objects in metal then plastic.
Larry White's catalog, dating 1997 is the most complete. In time, appeared some errors as well as new discoveries previous to the date of its release.

The Americans are very sharp on these figures. They are classified for the greater part by size or by the shape of the base, what multiplies tenfold the number already importing characters. Without counting colors. None was forgotten, what establishes a real treasure to be reconstituted.

Nosco: this brand of toys is sometimes engraved on the base of figures. It is about the manufacturer and not about the retailer.

Warning there are also recent copies, less thick with colors pastels.
We sometimes find some series in England, in Germany and in France due to diverse American military bases implanted formerly in Europe.

Figures are classified by kind for highly-rated more practical one. To begin or complete your collection, you will thus have all the necessary data, except the phone number of the woman in opposite.....
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