Danone is a company dating 1919, created by Isaac Carasso in Barcelona. At first, the name is Danon (name of his son Daniel), but for commercial purposes, he adds one E.
Danone is the world number 1 of dairy products and world number 2 also, in volume of waters in bottle.
Concerning figurines, the starting up is a continuation of occasions of the other brands. Astérix of Omo, Popeye of Zaini, the servicemen of Bonux, Farwest de Legal, etc....
Danone is going to create in half of the 2000s, character Danonino. It is the small very nice dinosaur which is going to become the real mascot of the brand. We find there especially in the Eastern countries, Russia and Benelux.
Will follow the teams of Actimel for merciless fights and many others else...
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