It is difficult to assert that these figurines date 1955. Indeed, on the package of "Café Donald" where we find certain figurines and as well as on other products, represents stamps Mickey. Yet these stamps appeared in the number 160 of the Newspaper of Mickey de Juin 1955, BUT anything indicates on the packages of coffee, that it is about famous multicolored figurines. To follow....

This brand was created by Marcel Denamiel and his son-in-law Jacques Vabre, being the latter the creator of the "Café Mexciq". We understand better the Donald endowed with a sombrero on blotting papers, packages of coffee and other advertisements.

The series Donald and Daisy, Snow White and Peter Pan are multiple colors according to the series, and are opaque or translucent.










The series propose by Cosmos (no information on this brand and by Jux, a brand specialized for caramel custards.

Excepted the mark and certain colors, there is NO DIFFERENCE between rooms. That bases are more round finer etc. .. is a myth. In example below Hook in 3 versions (Coffee Donald in Yellow, Cosmos in red and Jux in green. The bottom of bases Cosmos has simply a girl on thickness on 15mm of length of in the addition of the mark.


Colors. There is no official at this date and besides advertising there. To find painted and even well painted figurines is obviously possible, seen that the monochrome premiums was intended to this end. It is also necessary to think of the cost for the brand. To paint them finely every would have returned to a fortune without mattering the time to make them.

THE ADVICE IS SIMPLE: if we propose you an expensive version because " exceptionally " painted, REQUIRE( the official, visual or written but especially not verbal source(spring). Idem if a site, a magazine or a book moves forward things without any visual advertising base, you can doubt it in 99 % !
Let us pass finally in the unmarked parts (excepted those of the first series 55mm). We find especially of the Hook, a Goofy, a Boniface, three little pigs and both Cinderella's mice, the whole in white or in red.
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING allows to say that they arise from one of the three stand out and even less as regards Goofy, the origin of which we do not know and what some inserted into the series of the Daisy while no other color that the white exists, without base, unmarked. Good thing the authors had no Batman to place !

And more, to intensify the problem, here is models recently found unmarked much smaller (to see pictures opposite).
Without brand