Champions and Champion

Champions in many occasions, ELF was the sponsor the most quoted in the field of the races of cars in the 70s. Every biggest drivers of period carried this logo.
His name does not mean " Essence and Lubrufiant of France " as many people think of it. These initials were found during a competition of creativity. The brand is launched in 1966 and will be absorbed by Total in 1994.

Champion it is also the brand of the manufacturer of these small cars.
There are at least four known series. They were offered in resorts ELF. Their scale is between it 1/53rd and 1/66rd. During closure announced by the French channel " La 5 " A car with the character of Michel Vaillant with car had been proposed to participate in the rescue of the channel.

Remember yourselves these big pictures bound by drivers or by cars which we obtained against a height in the 70s. On the back was indicated the information on the drivers or the circuits.
Remember !
The famous car sold for the rescue of the television channel: " La 5 ".
On the right, a leading car with brand "majorette" offered also by ELF
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