The friend of dentists !

The one who has never eaten a bear cub Haribo, throw me the first strawberry!

Haribo is a German company created in 1920 by Hans Riegel. The name comes from his inventor and its city of Bonn: HANS RIGEL BONN. It also owns the brands Ricqlès and Zan.

Figurines appeared in 1995. They were hand-painted, which was a source of variants. Like Kinder, series are distributed with a BPZ strip.

But Haribo is also model aircrafts, puzzles, dioramas, cars, etc.
It also sponsors F1, soccer, rallies, trucks, etc.

The series Katinchen is unknown in France. It is a Haribo brand of licorice, which explains the black cat.

Anecdotally, the name Tagada comes from the visit of the commercial Director of the brand who, in a cabaret, would have heard the tune "Tagada tsoin tsoin".

The name "Car en Sac", comes from the Company CAR, absorbed by the Company Ricqlès, then acquired by Haribo.

We eat, in France, 1 billion strawberries Tagada a year!

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