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At the level of colors, we count really 6, but it exists a great deal of variants. Why?
During the production, when we change the color, the reservoir must be normally cleaned. now, most of the time, the worker will wait for the end of the first color then will add at once(in a row) the piece of news up to the obstention of the deliberate color. What explains diverse tints for all the existing figures and for our most great pleasure obviously....

In France toffees are not what they used to be... In the whole country? NO... In Normandy, to Carentan, a company still resists the invader!

Dupont d'Isigny. The story begins in 1889 but it is 1932 that this name became definitive. Their reputation is not to be mentioned, it is the best!

40 figures date from 1969. They were offered with candies. They represent two Astérix albums: at the Britains and Mission of Cleopatra. Dargaud is engraved on each figure.

They are smaller than those from the series emitted by Malabar, Lever and Motta, but more numerous. Note that the menhir counts as a figurine.

Discover them drinking a cup of warm water with a drop of milk....