Old mascot Kodak produced by Bully

Kodak is an American company established in 1881 by Georges Eastman. The name comes from a real "alchemy". K, placed twice, is the first letter of the name of her mother. A and O are the letters which we pronounce as before in most of the languages and D is just a fate.

Kodak is in contract with Studios Disney since at least 1937. Figures are not numerous but they present the characters of the Jungle Book, little used by the brands, except Mir and Nestlé.

By combining these three series, you are in possession of practically all the heroes of it fabulous full-length film of 1967.
There are at least 2 other series at Kodak: " Lion King" in 1994, but only 3 figures are known and " The hunchback of Notre-Dame " just one for now.

After some searches we shall doubtless succeed one day in combining them.

the Jungle book 1992
the Jungle book 1993
the Jungle book 2003
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