This company dates from 1891, it worked at first of the horn field, and then reclassified in the celluloide.
Since1952, it has produced figurines for diverse German brands.
It made the carnival of Elbgau, the series Voss, Musterland and Wagner.
Most of the French series of the same size, the circus, the sport, the animals, etc. thus result from this brand at first.
For example, for the zoo, which many know under the brands
Nadi, Pernot and Scarpia among 48, consists in fact of 60 references.
A color variant.
Animals also exist in white, green, blue and red and also flexible plastic
Schomar, the city where was Ernst Kuster's factory

Animals Kuster was produced for:
Nadi, Pernot, Scarpia, Heudebert, Insulana,
Schwakes, Stullengold and Wiesena.