Lidl is a German distribution company since 1930 managed by Partners. Josef Schwarz will resume the name of the one retired two, for the name of the company, Mr Ludwig Lidl. The reason is, that he did not want that the name: Schwarzmarkt (the Schwarz market) is not confusing with "Black market". At first the company sells only exotic fruits.

Concerning Stikeez, they are since 2013, a real revolution at the children. Still ready in 2018, they are offered to the boxes of stores from certain amount of purchase. These rubber characters possess a small suction cup by way of base to being able to stick them wherever you like. They are made in of adorable small caskets, provide with a game and with a small linen bag.

We find these figurines, essentially in Germany of course, in France, in the United Kingdom, in the Eastern countries, Spain and Italy.

Other brands are going to take back the concept: Leclerc, Super-U, Carrefour, etc.

Europa 2016
Fruits and vegetables
We also find Stikeez in certain packages of washing powder
Some are for sale
in toys store