These figures were ordered by the company Louis Marx between 1965 and 1973. They were be made in Hong-Kong. They were never marketed, but only offered as "bonuses" by Lipton Tea.
The series includes 36 hand-painted figurines (60 mm) in hard plastic. They represent the heroes who participated in the creation of Canada.
The front of the base includes the name of the character and the back shows its dates of birth and death and the number of the part.
Two display stands were proposed by Lipton but unsuccessfully, because the notches to insert figurines, damaging the paint at the base.
We found these heroes in a plastic bag, inserted into the greater size of tea boxes: "Tea Premiums".

It is not easy to find these figurines nowadays and less still in a preserved state. Finally, the United States have never distributed this collection.

A bag included a figure and a small index card summarizing the story of the character