The big success of this brand comes from the fusion in 1967 of the company "Au Planteur de Caïffa" created in 1890 by the couple Cahen and celebrated by smalls carts pulled by a dog (see HERE ) and "La Maison du Café" in created in 1923 by the Argentinian brothers Della Valle. It is also the explanation of the MC CAIFFA that we find on figurines Thierry la Fronde (1964), Caiffa holding then 25 % of the MdC.

The Navy

3 series were produced from 1955 to 1958. 2 first ones were silver and the 3rd was golden. Figurines were produced since the 2nd series and represent famous corsairs as well as imaginary characters. Against 30 proofs of purchase, you could acquire the game of Corsairs (see below).

Cooperative brought back the 3rd series. We also find a translucent edition by "Cafés Sanal" as well as other editions in many different colors.

"La Maison du café" is engraved under the base and the name of the boat is on the slice.

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2 versions of the mascot for " La Maison du Café"
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Series 1
Series 2
Series 3