The name of this coffee comes from M. Marc Maurice, who created this brand at the end of the XIXth, in Haiti (West Indies).

Bonuses: the outfit is identical to other brands: key rings, blotting papers, slides, badges well-known by everyone, and of course figurines.

The chineses figures

They went out in the 70's. After investigation, these statuettes represent the diverse divinities of the Chinese mythology, like the Eight Immortal. They went out in three series of 6, size 70 mm, with an hexagonal base, then a series of 6, 90mm, with an oval base. Flexible white plastic and "Café Maurice" engraved under the base.

Some of these figurines were also brought out under the brands Mir, Scarpia as well as Damoy (grocer's shop) and Axion (washing powder). But also an Italian version and a colored version, ect. (See button "Others brands")

The Classic dancers

Classic dancers in the 70's, If you dare !

They' wee not simple dancers, and their pose does not matter much. In fact, they represent the various kinds of small ballerinas dancing in music boxes. The origin is Italian, I was able to find 5/6 figurines from the brand Toffano which created costume jewels.

Package for brand MIR