The precursor of these series is known from now on thanks to Helmut Bitsch, very big German collector who made this discovery. At first, between 1954 and 1960, these figurines were offered in small bags, accompanied by a small index card where are noted 31 figurines. 31 indeed, because the dog is separated from the prisoner attached to the post as at Erdal and Waxa. Rest to know the mark.

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We know henceforth 5 products which offered this series:

Warca is an Alsatian brand of coffee since 1929 and always existing nowadays. Warca means: WAgner ( the founder) Régin ( his representative) CA (for coffee). The engraving of the brand under bases is of an excellent quality as we can see it (as his coffee too).

"La Basquaise" is the old brand of biscuits of the Seine department, the establishments Gomez Frères.

"Vigor" is probably an ancient French or iberian brand of coffee. Indeed Vigor in Spanish means "vigour".

Javador is a French brand of coffee. Their series was blue.

Le Café Mexciq or Mexicq according to the engraving.

Erdal is a German brand of shoe polish - Erdal Waxa - The series consists of 10 identical figurines but smaller. Important: the prisoner and the dog are separated.


Thanks to Philippe Moser, Cristianu Hardi, Helmut Bitsch, Jean claude Piffret and Henri Lefebvre for their precious help.

"Les Cafés Warca" on 2 colors
La Basquaise
Le café Mexciq
The normal version to the left 54 mm and the Erdal version to the right 45 mm
A sugar to the left and below, the first blotting paper of Les Cafés Warca. The picture of this blotting paper was used by other big brands (with their own logo and slogan) such Mokarex.
Erdal (Deutchland)
Mexciq also produced the figurines of the series "History of France" which we find under the brand of the French Counters.