Popeye's figures
Makes the maximum !
Mir is "Peace" in russian
The Jungle book


"Eat your spinach, you'll become as strong as Popeye! " And then we were overwhelmed with doubt... Popeye "the sailor" dates from 1929. His name comes from "Pop eyes". An anecdote: the small animal from the series is called "Eugene the Jeep", and has extraordinary faculties. It actually inspired the manufacturers of the famous vehicle: the Jeep.

The series "Popeye" from 1966 counted with 15 figurines in round works. Two colors: white or light brown. Mir is engraved on each character

The series "Jungle book" date from 1970 and includes 8 figurines in round works with 5 different colors.

Jungle book

The unforgettable swing of King Louie (with an E). Last Disney movie, 1966. Interesting: Baloo, Bagheera and Hathi (the colonel elephant) mean bear, panther and elephant in Hindiî, and the 4 vultures represent the Beatles. Discover again these characters and remember: "look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities..."

The birds

This series exists under 2 brands: Mir and Cadum. We note ten opaque and translucent colors, of which the famous very popular black series. Birds are essentially birds fishermen.
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