The mystery of Michèle Morgan's umbrella
False régular ?
2 boxes were proposed. They are identical, excepted for the number of the series. to tis day, we cannot know, "what goes with what?". Only 2 cyclists cannot be in the same boxe.
Access to figures

Mokalux and her Avenue embassy of the Champs Elysées and the tone was set!
These figures date probably from 1956 and 1957. First, the movies where some figurines were taken from date from 1955, and second Bobet was a world champion in 1954 and the actors' youth is obvious.
This series includes 32 figures in round-bump (54mm), in golden hard plastic. In addition, 14 "statuettes of art", called familiarly "régule" in french (Alloy of tin and lead), approximately 150 mm. Note that régules all different from the 54 mm figurines.

There is no republication, except for the 54mm which we can find under the brand Savourex (engraved on bases).
The resemblance of these stars in scale-down is surprising. The clothing is well-respected.

The marketing followed of course: dice, carpet, coffeepot, card game, etc... As well as 12 fabulous well-known blotting papers (also brought back by Savourex).
In 1962, The planter of Caïffa (see Thierry la Fronde) acquired: Cafés Martin, La Maison du Café, Savourex and... Mokalux.
The buyer kept the name " La Maison du Café".

It is under those two brands that 21 small notebooks of the" famous Men" went out . (See HERE).

Opposite the both sides cardboard where was inserted the famous tokenMokalux
Very rare intact object