The Smurfs

This series containing 16 entirely blue figurines has been smurfed in 1983.
Only some other-colored figurines were be produced.
The Animals

This is the most famous series by OMO. The must have for all collectors !
The maousses Costo !
Any resemblance with a collector is purely accidental ...

The display stand for Lucky Luke on washing powder packs OMO

See la Roche aux Fées

This brand dates from 1952. OMO means " Old Mother Owl ". If you take a look at the picture you will recognize the owl's eyes and beak.
This brand well-known for washing "whiter than white" has been replaced later by the one named "Coral". Later, Omo returned strongly on the market thanks to its commmercials using famous chimpanzees. This is an Unilever brand.

in plastic exfoliates
of 1968