" With Firstly, of the linen which smells good! ". It was finally possible to wash its linen otherwise than with some dirty soap.... Firstly is a brand of washing powder dating the beginning of the 60s.
Of this brand will be born a big quantity of toys, where from his name, including figures. However, there will be no creations of the brand. We'll note on one of their numerous advertisements, the presence of the series of the First Empire Crio / Flan Imperial or at least a part.
One of their most beautiful series is the one transparent birds. It completes in a shop window the series of Mir / Cadum and makes of the most beautiful effect in a shop window.
The cavalry of the XIXth century
The birds
The manufacturing of the transparent figures.

After a small investigation at C.P.D.N; the factory of plastic art situated in Normandy (see HERE), the comments of M. Rodolf Vern, Manager of this factory, are the following ones:

It is only the material which is transparent. No colouring agent is added. The manufacturing is exactly the same. There are just much stricter concerns of cleanliness to return the most perfected objects , as bottles of water etc.