PRIOR, founded in 1958, is the great adventure of a family from Marseille. The story tells that one of the members of a big family of biscuits manufacturers spent an evening in front of a wall where was shown the name of an artist named PRIOR, arranged in the shape of triangle. He acquired the rights for it and adopted this logo.
The series of the zoo and the aquarium exist with the brand AVIA.
The series of the farm also exists with the brand Nova
It is sure from now on that there is a series of the farm. Already three found figurines, engraved Prior or Nova, which cannot be inserted into the zoo.

Thanks to one advertising was found on the "Pain Braisé Prior", the number of 26 fishes is official. It exists can be a set of aquarium or similar. Indeed the package proposes on the back, to emphasize these offered subjects.
Click on this picturee to see the first 3 animals of the farm
Le zoo