Circus and Zoo
Erdal Waxa
This German circus dates from 1902, and it owes its fame to the Director, the "Maharajah Hans Von Stosch-Sarrasani". The shows were great, with a ring of 17,5 m of diameter! At the time, except in France, menageries were integrated into circuses. Knowing this, we can then include the following series.

So this big series of 63 figures is German. It is the firm of shoe polish Erdal Waxa that took it out it in the 50's as well as other German brands. The only circus was brought back in France by cafés Scarpia, Sanal and Brésilia.

We shall note the "R" missing in "Sarrasani" on the entrance of the menagerie. Also note that "Tierschau" means "Menagerie". The very fine engraving, concern of details and movement, transform these figurines in an exceptional series impossible to miss!

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