This dairy of the region of Flanders was originally called Steenvoorde, like the place where it is located. It was then renamed Stenval before being acquired by Blédina.

Tintin series

It is constituted of 20 figurines of 30mm in flexible plastic. They exist in 7 colors and Stenval Lombard is engraved on each character. Note that Snowy is not in the scale to allow the engraving of the mark.

The figurine with the toothbrush and the alarm clock is Senhor Oliveira da Figueira and not Seraphin Lampion, which is the insurance agent.

The 7 most known were taken from diverse drawings of the newspaper Tintin. Others were taken from 7 albums.

So, 777, easy! Careful not to confuse it with 431 which is the butcher's shop Sanzot...